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X3pt Series
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X3pt-TS Series (Assemble)
Combination of X3pt-Engine and TS-Dolly. It is small assembly dolly at light weight of T-Dolly. It is separated to 3 pieces. Easy to move and store. For Timelapse and Video. Control the motion and menu by wire or wireless Joystick. Rail length can be extended up to 6m.
Product (Optional) Quantity Value Cart
X3-TS1500 (500mm x 3 Assemble)
X3-TS1800 (600mm x 3 Assemble)
X3-TS2100 (700mm x 3 Assemble)
X3-TS3000 (1000mm x 3 Assemble)
X3-TS4000 (1000mm x 4 Assemble)
Built in Battery (Li-ion 2600mA, 2A charger)
Li-ion 12V Battery (For Timelapse) (160 USD) Short Level Foot (180 USD)
TP Mount Block (80 USD) Middle size Ball-head 63Q (220 USD)
Large size Ball-head 73Q (240 USD) SMFX (For X-Engine) (540 USD)
DMFX (For X-Engine) (1,080 USD) SX-Rotate Pan/Tilt (For X-Engine) (1,490 USD)
SX-Rotate Pan (For X-Engine) (670 USD)
Li-ion 12V Battery (For Timelapse)
160 USD
Short Level Foot
180 USD
TP Mount Block
80 USD
Middle size Ball-head 63Q
220 USD
Large size Ball-head 73Q
240 USD
SMFX (For X-Engine)
540 USD
DMFX (For X-Engine)
1,080 USD
SX-Rotate Pan/Tilt (For X-Engine)
1,490 USD
SX-Rotate Pan (For X-Engine)
670 USD





X3pt-TS is a combination of X3pt-Engine and TS-Dolly. TS-Dolly is light version of T-Dolly. TS-Dolly is separated to three pieces by 1000mm. So it is easy to move and storage. Assembly is very easy because of using only wrench. We can provide you start from 1800mm up to 6000mm. We can also separate the rail as you want. You can get a dynamic video by combination of Pan, Tilt, and Rail.


TS-Dolly is for DSLR. If you use only DSLR, you don't have to use heavy T-Dolly. Weight and volume are reduced by half compared with T-Dolly.


TS-dolly is for convenient mobility. One of the best consideration of photographer is to move with a long rail.

It is seperated to three pieces basically. You can adjust the length whether it is attaching or not according to situation of shooting. It will be very useful.


Part of the connection ex plate assembly using is designed to automatically align. it is useful and erect rail assembly can be fast.


TS-Dolly is profile rail is use to protect by the wind and has production of compact sturcture. A wild wind for mountain, ocean, place with sand is useful.


TS-Dolly is use stepper motor to appropriate with X-Engine.Without the use of Sutepupomota there is a reduction gear simply, You are using a worm gear which does not lose even if you have some. Power is good and enlightening to X-Engined, in particular for power consumption will also be very low.


TS-Dolly has been optimized for time-lapse. X engine, will be able to speed in 13 steps the speed of the stepper motor. In addition, in order to use the joystick, video shooting is smoother. However, since the frictional force of the prefabricated connecting portion of the video shooting is different, it is possible that there is a speed change, it is available on a limited basis.


TS-Dolly you can 20kg, 8kg raise vertically horizontally. It can be used sufficiently large photographing device, such as the C500, C300 BMCC if give me to support the tripod in the middle of the rail. Because the core is to use the thin urethane belt closely, it does not cut it or stretch


TS-Dolly is a DSLR for. If you who DSLR're shooting, you do not need to use a heavy T-Dolly. It was reduced to half the weight and volume compared to AD-M series. The weight of the AD-TS1500 standard in just 2.1kg, it is lighter than the weight of the camera and lens. When I heard once directly, you'll see that light enough to not believe. And user, I recommend overseas photographer who or climbing a DSLR looking for Dolly lightweight.


Profile standard is white. If you want to use a color profile, it does not look good rail to dark night. Please contact us If you would like (orange, red, green, blue) color of the color sense if. Color coloring is sold separately. 


X-Engine is the advanced product more than AD-Engine. We called this as a second generation. X-Engine is a programing controller. Control the all motion precisely by stepper motor. It is very innovative device shooting automatically according to the points you entered. It control 3 axis of rail, pan, tilt basically by wireless joystick remote controller.


X3pt is distribution model, it has equipped pan/tilt rotation system basically. Pan rotate is built in Engine and Tilt rotate can be separated. Instead of tilt rotate, you can install the turntable. It can endure the weight of less than 1.5kg like DSLR or handycam.


It is possible to design 5 points(Pro Series - 9 points). As a result, you design the point of first and final. and you can design up to 3 points in the middle of the section. Because it remember each point, it is also possible to change the points at anytime. You can confirm the motion you've designed by using the rehearsal function. It is recommended to design the motion through a live view.


X3pt can not appoint a frame number at each section. As appointing a total frame number, frame number at each section will be appointed automatically according to rate of motor's moving distance. It is called 'Uni-pass'.

(You can also appoint a frame number at each section on Pro Series. It is called 'Free-pass'.)


X3pt can adjust the motor speed in 13 steps. First step(lowest speed) is 60 rpm, you can adjust the speed by 20 rmp at a time. Maximum is 300 rpm at 13 steps. You need to set a proper maximum motor speed according to the weight of camera because it could be breakaway. A default is 120 rpm at 4 steps. For reference, you can get the maximum torque at 140 rmp in 5 steps. According to whether you shoot time-lapse or video, you can adjust the motor speed. Maximum speed of pan rotation is 360 degrees in 7 seconds and tilt rotation is 90 degrees in 3 seconds.


X3pt is possible to shoot a time-lapse and video. If you want to shoot a video, we recommend the rail of M-Dolly, H-Dolly, G-Dolly, Skate-Dolly.


The built in 2800mA li-ion battery is available to video shooting during 2~3 hours. In case of time Lapse is about 6 hours. 12V DC power extenal battery is also available. Life of battery can be differentiated according to the weight and circumstance of shooting.


On the bottom of X3pt-Engine case has 3/8 inch screw thread as a type of quick shoe. The rear of the case has 1/4 inch screw thread. and it also has a level instrument for adjusting a horizontal.


It is a night view of Gangnam old uniforms writer took in X3-PT.



Main Feature of X3pt


- Pan/Tilt rotator equipped basically
- Control 3 axis(rail, pan, tilt) and design 5 points
- Adjusting the motor speed in 13 steps (60rpm~300rpm)
- Uni-Pass shooting
  (Automatic calculation for number of frame at each section according to motor moving distance)
- X-Engine equipped
- Time-Lapse and Video, Stop motion
- 4line - 16letters LCD
- Setting all of the motion on main one screen
- Control stepper motor
- Control all motion and menu by joystick remote controller
- Rehearsal Mode (Setting motion by seeing the live-view of camera)
- Most of DSLR camera is possible as connection with release cable
- Setting a point can be modified
- Auto shooting by entering a number of frame
- Shutter 0.1~99.9 sec. (0.1 sec resolution)
- Interval 0.5~99.9 sec. (0.1 sec resolution)
- Lead in/out (maximum 999cut), Ramping (maximum 999cut)
- Buzzer for alarm at a important point
- Quick shoe and level instrument equipped basically 
- Turntable shooting
- Built in 2800mA Li-ion Battery (purchase separately)

Size : 120 x 80 x 110 mm
Weight : 1.4kg (except built in the battery and remote controller)
Power : 12V DC (Possible to install the built in Li-ion 2800mA battery)
Weight on board : 1.5kg (DSLR or Handycam)


Main Feature of TS-dolly


- For DSLR

- Separated rail by three pieces

- Adjust rail length according to situation of shooting.

- Convenient mobility
- Inexpensive 3060 profile rail (TD is Deluxe profile)

- Enduring the weight of 20kg on horizontal, 8kg on vertical
- Stable structure against strong wind

- The Belt built in core is never snapped.
- For Time-lapse and Video

Size : TS1500(150 x 80 x 520 mm), TS1800(150 x 80 x 620 mm), T2100(150 x 80 x 720mm)
Weight : TS1500(2.7kg), TS1800(2.9kg), TS2100(3.1kg), TS3000(3.4kg)