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  제목 : Pan-Rotate in Chile  
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This picture was shot by Stephane Guisard. SKYPIX is supporting Stephane Guisard.

This location is observatory in Chile.


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50 Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon
49 Moving Rocks
Moving Rock in Death Valley.
48 2014 KOBA
We're participated in 2014 KOBA last May 20 ~23. We launched our new products called Z-Dolly. It is specialized in 3D-Timelapse. Did you have seen 3D-Timelapse? It is awesome.
47 P&I 2014 Model
I think it is very cool seeing beautiful girl in the show.
46 P&I 2014
We were participated in P&I 2014 last 17~20, April in Seoul.
45 NAB 2014
We were participated in NAB 2014 last April 4~10 in Las Vegas. NAB is.. The National Association of Broadcasters advocates on behalf of America's free, local radio and television stations and broadcast networks before Congress, the Federal Communications Commission and the courts. We had received a lot of attention and interests, so we had finished the event with feel so good.
44 Skate Dolly in Gwang Hwa Mun
This video is shooted by only skate-dolly.
43 Turntable shooting with X3pt-Engine
Hello, This is SKYPIX. This is turntablevideo shot by X3pt-Engine. Pan rotator of X3pt is built into the engine and Tilt rotator can be separated. As you can see at the video, you can install a turntable instead of tilt rotator. We ask you many interests of our products. Thank you.
42 Manual video of X3pt
Hello, This is SKYPIX. For your understand, we made a video explaining the product. If you have a question after seeing a video, please send us email. Thank you. skypix@sky39.com
41 Death Valley
Death Valley from SKYPIX-Astrodolly on Vimeo. Hello, This is SKYPIX. We went to the Death Valley last January. There are Moving Stone, Dantes's Peak(View), Bad Water, Salt Flats, Zabriskie's point, Sand Dune. There are variety of enjoyable scene. We took a picture by the X3pt-Engine, Skate-Dollyand H-Dolly in priority. It was very ideal to set easily and shot quickly.
40 2014 CES
Hello, This is SKYPIX. We were participated in CES Show last January 7~10. The CES is the one of most biggest show in the world that can see all latest technology and information. We were launching a new item called Skate-Dolly in this show. A lot of attendees and buyers were attracted by our products. They said'It is what I looking for.' Thanks for every response. Our products are getting be known a little bit in the world.Please pay attention t..
39 Pan/Tilt - Rotate in Chile
This picture was shot by Stephane Guisard. SKYPIX is supporting Stephane Guisard.This location is observatory in Chile.
38 Pan-Rotate in Chile
This picture was shot by Stephane Guisard. SKYPIX is supporting Stephane Guisard.This location is observatory in Chile.
37 Angkor Wat (by X-Series)
Hello, It is Angkor Wat image taken by the X-engine.
36 Nature Time Lapse in UHD
It is a picture of UHD time-lapse.Mr. Kwon o-chul had took picture of Iceland scenery with Samsung Galaxy NX Camera by using our astro-dolly.You can enjoy if for 4K
35 Three Cameras on the dolly
This video is the test shotof our visitor.AD2-Engine was used, andthree Nikon 800D was installed.
34 BroCine Show 2013
We had participated in Brocine show 2013 on Sep.30~Oct.2.It was a first time showing our X-Series in Korea following abroad exhibition. As withabroad exhibition, we got a lot of attention and interest. Thanks for your visit.
33 Night of GangNam in Seoul
It's night of GangNam in Seoul.This time-lapse was shot by using X3-PT.
32 2013 IBC SHOW in Netherlands
We had participated in 2013 IBC SHOW in Netherlands last September. IBC(International Broadcasting Convention) is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. Attracting 50,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries, IBC combines a highly respected and peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that exhibits more than 1,400 leading suppliers of state of the art electronic m..
31 Night of Seoul
Choi jun-hyuck has shot three nights of Seoul by using AD-S 1600 with Pan Rotate. He made dynamic video with pan rotate. He used canon 70D and sigma lens.
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