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7 X-Engine Manual
Hello, This is SKYPIX. This is turntablevideo shot by X3pt-Engine. Pan rotator of X3pt is built into the engine and Tilt rotator can be separated. As you can see at the video, you can install a turntable instead of tilt rotator. We ask you many interests of our products. Thank you.
6 Menu formation
The menu of SKYPOD engine is all of eight. A kind of menu isas the below.1. INTVL menu (Main menu) - abbreviation of interval- Indicate the 3 motors direction and speed, shutter time, interval time, RL on/off, shooting state.2. MANUAL menu - Move the plate to shooting departure position by speed up to maximum.3. CONT menu - abbreviation of continue - Continuous motor running. F..
5 Manual Menu - Motor Position
Manal menu is the next on following the Inteval menu.You can control each motor of M1, M2, M3 by manually.
4 SKYPOD-AD Pro Appearance
The large LCD display is in the center of SKYPOD-AD. and there are six buttons at the bottom.The button on the left selects the menu of seven.The four buttons arranged crosswise on the center can change the information.The button on the right controls the motion running.You can see all of information that you need to get the value of the motion on one page.
3 Interval Menu - Main Menu
'INTVL' onthe upper left side means 'INTERVAL''INTERVAL' menu is the main.Red sign means motor controlBlue sign means Camera controlGreen sign means shooting circumstances3Axis Motor control !! (Red sign)SKYPOD is the first Time-lapse engine in the world which can control 3 motors at same time.3 motors control the motion of rail, pan, and tilt.Connect the motor cable to proper ..
2 Calibration
You can set on the option of Calibrate. as weight of camera and angle of rail, you should use this option for rightful move agains load. 1. Calibrate -> yes 2. select 'start/stop' button 3. select 'start/stop' button when motor moved 100mm 4. option value changed to 0.5~2.0
1 SKYPOD Manual