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11 Samsung 55" UHD CURVED TV for test
Hello, This is SKYPIX Samsung staffs visited our company totest a UHD video of timelapse working well on their product of 55" UHD CURVED TV. Actuallylook at55"(136mm) UHD CURVED TV, it was very large. Thickness is thin and curved shape looks elegant. For this test, photographer who we are supporting sent us the UHD video in urgently. I'm very thanks to them. We put th..
10 권오철작가 스피드가이더 레일 버전 완성
외국 출사용 분할 레일 버전에 이어 분해 조립이 용이하고 레일의 신뢰도가 높은 스피드가이더를 사용한 ADG-1800W을 주문하셨습니다.단 출사용분할 레일의 플레이트가 호환이 되는 조건입니다. 최고의 프로가 주문하는 것으로 최선을 다하여 만들었습니다. 이 세상에 일찍이 없었던 최고의 타임랩스 아스트로달리를 공개합니다. 약 일주일 뒤에 이 장비를 가지고 외국에 CF 촬영한다고 하시네요. 가시..

9 HD촬영감독클럽 워크숍
7월 20 ~ 22일. HD촬영감독클럽 워크숍에서 권오철작가님의 강의가 월간 8월호에 실렸습니다. 아래 이미지는워크숍에 참가하신 빅시스템의이수부 사장님이 보내 주신 이미지입니다. 권작가님이 서호주 출사를 위해 특별히 제작된 분할레일의 조립과 촬영법을 강의하고 계십니다. 몇일 전에 권작가님이 스카이픽스를 방문하여 서호주에서 촬영한 영상을 반정도 편집한 것을 보여 주었는데 감탄을..

8 Release follow-focuser motorized
Focuser and Zoom usually use a follow-focuser. To shoot a time-lapse, you must have a follow-focuser motorized. SKYPOD's engine also cancontrol the follow-focuser.

7 At the SKO observatory
July 8. We had took a telescope pictures from the night scene background. Only the second half of this video has been edited because of the flicker. Focusing on the star, the composition was focused on the subject.

6 Release the E-AstroDolly
How can we move the astro-dolly easily? It is the problem. We have made a E-Astro-dolly that can move easily, speedy and accurate. E-astro-dolly is connected with2ea 360mm and 1080mm by hinge. We had to made a www part of product for E-Astro-dolly. We have made a guide-angle higher so that can pass the hinge. and have changed the plate for fixing the guide-angle...

5 Divided Dolly for Mr.kwon
Hello, this is SKYPIX July 7,Kwon o chul left to western australia for 10 days. We had begun to making a 3pcs division rail before he left. His attentionwas at the division rail. Video would can accept wrong condition at the division area. Actually, ordinary people can't feel it whether the video is good or not. but expert isin different point of view. It could be proble..
4 Strong the astro-dolly
The person who was participated in KOBA SHOW visited our company from Jeju. He asked us that how much weight Astro-dolly can endure. So we showed him that how muchweight itcan endure. We seta astro-dolly up vertically. We hang 7kg of the weight on the astro-dolly first, and added the weight gradually. finally it could works well until 25kg of weight. And we also examine t..

3 Sondo Tri-Bowl
Songdo Tri-bowl shooting by astro-dolly. Tri-bowl is the best subject to get fantastic views, because we can see various view in different location.

2 Gundam Robot shooting
6pm. May 21, 2012 I took the Gundam Robot picture atOdaiba in Tokyo. Ihad to takethe fish-eye lens tohavea picture because itis too big. Astro-Dolly has takingGundam Robot pictures.

1 Astro-Dolly on the rail.
It is the Astro-Dolly at the SKO observtory. I wantedtotake a photo Milky Way, but I couldn't see the Milky Way due to smoke and fog. I went back after waiting for 3 hours. It's too hard to see the stars because of the smoke and fog in june.